ProductCode Name
SWBK01 Tales of the rise journal
SWBX01 Fly box medium
SWBX02 Fly box small
SWBX03 Fly holder - foam
SWBX04 Fly holder - magnetic
SWBX06 Lure - jig box medium
SWBX10 Waterproof fly box foam-magnetic
SWBX11 Waterproof fly box foam
SWCL01 Lightweight pullover vest - Small/Medium
SWCL02 Lightweight pullover vest - Large
SWCL04 Lightweight pullover vest - X-large
SWHL01 Clip-on hat light
SWKT01 Stream Kit I
SWKT02 Stream Kit II
SWKT101 Basic tool Kit I
SWKT103 Micro tool Kit I
SWKT105 Mini tool Kit I
SWKT107 Universal attachment Kit
SWKT108 All purpose tool Kit
SWKT109 Streamside Kit III
SWKT110 Mini tool Kit II
SWKT112 Tube fly - river lake Kit I
SWKT113 Inshore Kit
SWKT114 Stream / Lake Kit
SWKT115 Master tool Kit I
SWTCL03 Neoprene wading belt
SWTCL05 Neoprene utility pocket
SWTL03 Ultimate nipper
SWTL03-1 Lighted ultimate nipper
SWTL03-2 Mini nipper
SWTL04 Modular tippet dispenser
SWTL05 Zinger plus
SWTL06 Chest tool holder
SWTL07 Forceps Power-Jaws gold
SWTL07-1 Forceps Power-Jaws black
SWTL08 Garment attachment D-ring
SWTL09 Clip-on D-ring
SWTL10 Fly powder/spray bracket
SWTL11 Fly liquid bracket
SWTL13 License holder
SWTL15 Scissors-Forceps Power-Jaws platinum
SWTL15-1 Scissors-Forceps Power-Jaws black
SWTL17 Bait holder
SWTL18 Bait holder system
SWTL21 Clip-on multi fastener
SWTL24 Curved forceps Power-Jaws black
SWTL25 Flip top bait lid
SWTL27 Micro scissors-forceps
SWTL28 Tool tether
SWTL29 Stream cloth package of 8 tablets
SWTL30 8,5" Big game Forceps Power-Jaws black
SWTL35 Large loop forceps Power-Jaws platinum
SWTL36 Large loop forceps Power-Jaws black
SWTL50 Mitten scissor forceps platinum
SWTL51 Mitten scissor forceps gold
SWTL52 Curved mitten scissor forceps platinum
SWTL53 Curved mitten scissor forceps black
SWTL60 Aluminium pliers with HUB-LIGHT and sheath
SWTL61 Standard aluminium pliers with sheath
SWTL61-1 Standard aluminium pliers
SWTL61-2 Sheath and tool tether for aluminium pliers
SWTL62 Anglerís pliers long nose
SWTL63 Anglerís pliers snub nose